How to welcome the kitten home.

Belle in Pina arms

Millennial cohabitants

For thousands years, cats have cohabited with humans in cities, towns, villages, or rural areas. They share with us wide flats, penthouses, bi-rooms, villas surrounded by the garden, farms and even small and modest houses.

True friends

Cats love their single human, homo or heterosexual couples, and families of all colors. They know neither racial nor social class hatred. They have no homophobias, political opponents, commercial competitors and so on. Of course they are territorial, but I will talk about this topic in another chapter.

The ideal home for Pussy

Today is on stage the ideal home for the newcomer. We all consider the dream home the refuge that welcomes and comforts us after a rewarding day of work, or tiring, or worse, crooked. In our nest, every corner is designed to meet our needs and the sense for intimacy.

It seems superfluous to confirm that even the cat prefers the warm, safe and nurturing den, but…!

Avoid anxiety!

But many humans are unprepared to welcome a 4-legged friend, and, even without wanting to, they make mistakes that can create anxiety. And anxiety generates agitation, which involves adaptation problems, and consequently behavioral dysfunctions.

So how to prepare the house to make the kitten feel comfortable, without spending a fortune? Now I suggest some simple tips to make your life with the pet easier.

1. The space

First of all, the size and the luxury of the apartment are irrelevant, but it is essential that pets have the opportunity to move and play freely.

What if the human lives in a studio?

So off to the vertical spaces!

In this case it is certainly worth taking advantage of the vertical spaces as well. But how? Simply by fixing ladder shelves to the walls, where the furry can run and jump from one level to another. Or set up walkways. Just place a wooden slat on the backs of two chairs and Mew will have a beam on which to walk in the balance.

Ropes and hammocks

I also suggest climbing ropes. Equally nice is the idea of ​​fixing hanging beds or hammocks to the window panes with the special suction cups. In this way the puppy, who is usually very curious, can look outside. And, while observing what happens in the garden, on the street or in the courtyard, he keeps his instinct alive, and also gets a little distracted.

Pussy is a predator

As I have already mentioned before, the elevated paths are useful for training the instincts of our 4-legged friend.

The cat is known to be a hunter. And for this he needs an environment in which to best express his predatory nature. Therefore, rather than size, it is important above all the division of space. In short, our feline must have the possibility to smell, explore and discover the territory.

Cozy and fun corners

Certainly a house with many rooms in which to hide from time to time is more stimulating than a monotonous and aseptic home. Indeed a place that is always the same as itself often has negative psychological implications on our friend.

However, if the human lives in a small house, it is useful to prepare at least many corners for the cat: shelters, boxes, padded kennels, cushions, covers … The important thing is that Mao has fun and stimulating spaces, since immobility causes boredom, laziness and apathy.

The cat scratcher

A house  in which lives a cat must have some scratches on the wall or a tree to climb and at the same time he sharpens its claws in peace.

2. The dining area

Greedy cats

I like to eat. I admit, I’m greedy. However, after so many years spent with my beloved cats, I realized that they too are gourmets.

The meal is a sacred moment for pets, and it is important that they can live it in absolute tranquillity. Therefore, the ideal is to reserve them a feeeding area, well away from the litter box and passageways. In fact, some cats get distracted if someone disturbs them while they eat.

Above all, I recommend differentiating the meal area from the litter zone, both for hygienic reasons, both for avoiding confusion in the young friend!

The food bowl

Better to prefer a stable bowl that stands still while Mao enjoys his lunch. In addition, it must also be low and wide so that the cat does not strain his neck or dirty his whiskers.

If the human works or spends a lot of time outside home, it is good to make sure that the cat has the right nourishment. In this case, the kibble dispensers are useful. However, a good idea is to leave dry food and catnip available to the feline, so that he can feed according to his needs.

The bowl of water

In nature, cats drink in streams and springs, so they don’t particularly like still water. Therefore, before drinking, they move the water in the bowl with their paw.

I recommend making available to the furry some containers of water in more than a room, or some drinking fountain that reminds him to frequently quench his thirst with the water moved by the jets.

Of course, the bowls must be washed in the dishwasher every day, just like our dishes!

3. The litter box

Cats are very reserved and clean animals and, to better organize our home, it is necessary to arrange the litter box in the most suitable place.

Unfortunately, the sand box is an indispensable accessory, but ugly to see and unpleasant to smell. Humans who have a cat must choose the toilet that best suits the character of their furry friend, and place it in a secluded, quiet and peaceful corner.

It can be the bathroom, the tavern or a sheltered balcony, it is important that it is easily accessible by the cat and always clean and fragrant.

4. The cat games

Play is an indispensable activity for the development of our friend, because it strengthens the relationship with humans, stimulates their predatory instincts, teaches new things, and corrects problematic or unpleasant behaviors.

To ensure the puppy pleasant moments of play and fun, some areas of the house must be set up with his favorite toys.

It should be remembered that each cat is different from the other and has his own tastes.

But generally cats prefer predatory activities, games of intelligence, cunning and movement. For this purpose, offer them mice and sticks with feathers to catch, or balls to run in the closed labyrinths. On the other hand, the tunnels and obstacle courses are ideal for hiding, training, exercising and releasing excess energy.

5. The pet carrier

The last point in random order, but no less important, concerns the choice of the cat cage to transport our pet from one place to another.

Before going to take the puppy from the kennel, the cattery, the veterinaria, or a friend’s home, who entrusts him to us, it is essential to purchase a soft bag or a plastic sit.

I suggest a rigid and closed model because it meets the safety requirements of airlines and railways. In addition, the pet carrier is also suitable for big cats, while the bag is for kittens or small animals.

Whether you already have a travel sit or a new one, it is advisable to wash it well, because cats don’t tolerate the pheromones released by other cats and the plastic smell.

I recommend putting on the bottom some sheets of a daily newspaper or rather a soft sleeper and a soft cover that gives the cat warmth and a sense of protection.

The sit is rarely used. Generally, the human puts it in a closet and takes it only in particular occasions. Instead, it is a good idea to leave the open cage in plain sight. In fact, if Mew becomes familiar with the accessory and gets used to spending time in it, he will hardly associate it with an unpleasant memory, such as going to the vet, when he gets vaccinated or is sick.

Small tricks always work with cats!

That’s all for today. But before saying goodbye, I invite you to leave a like, a greeting or a comment. And if you agree to tell me how you organized your house for puppy, you will make me super happy.

The next post is: My Byron and Belle-sized home.

Bye Bye!

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